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Interview with The Lilac Hill Art Group

We interviewed John Ashton, the secretary of the Lilac Hill Art Group, to learn more about the group that will showcase artworks by its members at the upcoming Bloomin' Beautiful Exhibition at the Inglewood Arts Hub from 17 July to 4 August. The exhibition opening event is on Sunday, 21 July, from 2-4 pm, officiated by the honorable Donna Fragher, an MLC member.

Artists exhibiting in the upcoming Bloomin' Beautiful exhibition: John Ashton, Linda Bunce, Robert Phelps, Susanne Skelton and Tom Hogg

What is the history and background of the art group?

Founded by Terasa Scott in 1999, the Lilac Hill Art Group emerged as a gathering of retired self-taught artists with a shared passion for art. Their weekly meetings, held for 50 weeks every year, underscore their commitment to fostering artistry in a supportive environment.

What inspired the formation of this art group?

The Group aspires to be a nurturing and supportive space for artists of all levels, providing a platform for experienced and aspiring artists to come together, collaborate, and unleash their creativity. By fostering a sense of community and offering a creative outlet, the group aims to make a meaningful impact on Retirees in the community. 

How many members are part of the group, and what is the range of styles and techniques represented?

Driven by the dedication of fluctuating membership, of self-taught artists, typically ranging from 10 to 20, the Lilac Hill Art Group provides a common space for artists to create and express themselves. Currently boasting 12 members, the group embraces all mediums, allowing each artist to explore their unique style while supporting and learning from one another. With a welcoming approach to new members, the Lilac Hill Art Group prides itself on building a strong sense of community.

Please share the details about upcoming exhibitions.

The Lilac Hill Art Group hosts an annual exhibition, a much-anticipated event that showcases the artistic talents of its members to the broader community. Led by the President of the Lilac Hill Art Group, Tom Hogg, the upcoming exhibition at Romancing the Stone Gardens in Maide Vale promises to be a celebration of creativity and artistry. Through this event, and other exhibitions including Bloomin' Beautiful, the group aims to engage art lovers and enthusiasts while highlighting the diverse styles and techniques represented.

How does the group support and nurture the growth of its members' artistic abilities? 

Whether experienced or not, this community of individuals with common interests comes together to share their passion and explore their creative potential.

Are there any particular goals or achievements the art group is particularly proud of?

Belonging to a long-standing group is a notable accomplishment. We take pride in enabling artists to express and showcase their talents within the community, and each and every exhibition is a milestone.


How does the group engage with the community and promote local art appreciation?

Our proud members' word of mouth is our main source of support, and we are grateful for the community and organizations like the Inglewood Arts Hub that help us promote and showcase our artwork, allowing us to keep creating.


Are there any upcoming projects, or events the group is excited about?

The group's four-day art retreat in Dwellingup is a highly anticipated event that nourishes the soul, sparks creativity, and forges lasting connections among like-minded individuals who share a passion for art.

Could you please give details about the weekly meetings and the cost of membership to join the group?

The group meets at the Lilac Hill North Pavilion, club rooms, 820 W Swan Rd, Caversham WA 6055, every Thursday. Membership fees are $50 per year and $5 per session, which includes coffee, tea and biscuits. The sessions run from 9 am to 3 pm.

If you are interested in learning more about the group's available artwork or joining as a member, please get in touch with John or Tom.

John Ashton on 0409335446

Tom Hogg on 0894544298


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