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Bob Daniel Community Centre

895 Beaufort Street Inglewood

Call and Response project, Conversations

Art holds the ability to influence people's perceptions, shape their beliefs, and serve as a medium through which humans engage with and evaluate the world. When artists capture their observations on canvas, it allows others to partake in their unique way of perceiving and interpreting the world. As artists, through our creativity, we possess a powerful tool to share our unique perspective of the world offering new insights and views that enhance understanding and generate knowledge. The “Call and Response” community-based art project has proved that true (Parry, 2010).

The “Call and Response” project, at the beginning of the 2023 year, involved a collaborative effort among members of the Inglewood Arts Hub. The project aimed to initiate an artistic dialogue about Inglewood's history, culture, nature, and underlying artistic values within the community. Unique in its approach, the project demanded participating artists delve into their emotions and seek inspiration from the city's history as portrayed in the old photos from Louise Wells' “Suburban Secrets - Art Trail & History Walk” project.

The resulting artworks served as catalysts for new creative expressions. This innovative structure not only pushed the artists beyond their comfort zones but also required research, introspection, and experimentation. The combined effects of this artistic endeavour were showcased during the exhibition “Conversations” held on April 24, 2023, with support from the exhibition catalogue.

Link to the catalogue: here

Drawing inspiration from Jillian Ciemitis' involvement in an international collaborative initiative “Sister City II”, I invited Jillian to share her experiences with the group. Jillian provided a brief overview of her collaboration with her partner artist and shared the outcomes of the collective effort. She named the collaboration "Call and Response" as the participating artists creatively responded to each other's works. I proposed the creation of new artworks that would serve as reflections of Inglewood's history, culture, or nature. By engaging in this endeavour, we would have the opportunity to deepen our understanding of one another and, through the medium of art, catalyse a dialogue within Inglewood society regarding the suburb's past, present, and future. This collaborative exploration would enable us to explore and uncover the diverse narratives and perspectives that shape our community, fostering a sense of connection and shared understanding among its members.

The “Call and Response” project was planned to unfold in two stages, each culminating in the creation of at least one artwork. In our initial project meeting, we had the opportunity to explore Louise Wells's collection of historical photos of Inglewood and engage in a conversation about our own experiences within the suburb. As the meeting drew to a close, we collectively agreed that each participant would create artwork or multiple works that would serve as a response to the presented photographs. Through these artistic expressions, we aimed to establish a meaningful dialogue with Inglewood's history. After three weeks, we would meet again to reveal our creations and make a decision about our next step. We were excited. Nobody could predict in which direction we would go and what form our tangible outcomes, that result from the creative process, would take. We aimed for the final moment. The exhibition.

The exhibition, "Conversations" was a significant component of a major event that marked the launch of the Inglewood Arts Hub as an inclusive space for individuals interested in engaging with visual art. In addition to showcasing art pieces, we provided the public with art activities and drawing demonstrations, extending invitations to the Inglewood community to participate in artistic workshops and events.

Artists involved in the project:

  1. Graham Hay sculptor (clay)

  2. Irvine Hay sculptor (metal)

  3. Iwona Van Niekerk designer, painter

  4. Jillian Ciemitis printmaker and photographer

  5. Kamila Waleszkiewicz painter, printmaker

  6. Kelly Ha illustrator

  7. Louise Wells textile artist

  8. Naomi Antenucci printmaker

  9. Peter Campagna painter

  10. Peter Ciemitis painter

  11. Sue Hibbert/Arnautovic watercolourist

Photos: by Jillian Ciemities and Kamila Waleszkiewicz

Poster and catalogue design: Kamila Waleszkiewicz


Parry, J. (Ed.). (2010). Art and Phenomenology (1st ed.). Routledge.


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