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Featured “Local Artist of the Month”

Introducing local artist Natalie Bompard who lives in our vibrant City of Stirling in the suburb of Yokine.

Natalie grew up and studied Fine Art in beautiful Cape Town. She lived in Paris and London before immigrating to Perth. She is the granddaughter of Ashkenazi Jews who fled the Pogroms of Eastern Europe. Immigration, a sense of belonging, cultural heritage, colonialism and our impact on local environment are ideas that she explores in her work.

Her artwork “Feral Cat” was inspired by ‘Feral camel’ by Doreen Chapman at the Blacklight exhibition at AGWA to start a series of Ferals.

“My work starts in the realm of colonial Australian artists. I move them into a digital piece with pop art references using Surrealist methodology. Attitudes towards feral animals seem to align with some negative ideas about immigrants, refugees and homeless people in our state.”

Check out her socials:

She will be taking part in a special little IAH project…..more details coming soon!


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