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Exhibition Unveiling the Second Edition of the Call & Response Project 'Conversations'

The exhibition showcasing the recently concluded second edition of the Call & Response Project "Conversations" initiated and run by Kamila Waleszkiewicz at Inglewood Arts Hub, a dynamic artist-run organization, celebrating local artists and local culture.

"Conversations II" honours local creatives and the rich cultural landscape of Inglewood. Through unique artworks spanning various mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and textile art, this exhibition offers a novel glimpse into the Inglewood culture, history, nature and creative spirit of our community.

Exhibition Details:

  • Dates: April 24th - May 9th, 2024

  • Opening Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 10 am - 3 pm

  • Location: Inglewood Arts Hub, Center, 895 Beaufort St, Inglewood WA

  • Theme: Portrayal of Inglewood

Featured artists include Anita Grewal, Desiree Crossing, Eimear Flynn, Graham Hay, Heidi Kellner-Marshall, Iwona Van Niekerk, Jane Marron, Jeana Castelli, Jillian Ciemitis, Jodie Holwill, Kamila Waleszkiewicz, Kelly Ha, Louise Wells, Lyn Williamson, Patrycja Giemza, Peter Campagna, Peter Ciemitis, Sue Hibbert, Sue Mader, and Tony Wilde.

The Call & Response Project Conversations is more than an art initiative; it is a platform for collaborative artistic exploration and the development of meaningful interpersonal relationships. As part of the project, there are also interviews with artists, conducted by me, providing insights into their creative process, influences, and reflections on the project.

Interview with:

Graham Hay reflections on the collaboration: Pause and reflect. Graham Hay on creative collaborations 

Embedded in the ethos of collaborative artistic expression and community engagement, the project has become a potent instrument for self-discovery and creative exploration. Its success stems from its capacity to unite artists, challenge their creative thinking, and cultivate a sense of community. While the inaugural edition delved into Inglewood's history, the second edition presented a broader perspective of the suburb, involving more than twenty participants from diverse artistic backgrounds creating personal portrayals of the suburb.

I would like to invite you to reflect with us on the meaning and the purpose of the project.

A poem crafted from the feedback I received from artists involved in the project:

Mindful conversations in collaboration

Stuck in a rut

Down in the dump of isolation

Not able


Trying to make art

They call

A tapestry of like-minded people

It challenges me to think

New route of creative thinking - where does it take me?


The deadline is coming

Reinvigorated in response, engaged

I share my passion

 New ideas in creative space

Foster synergy

The frisson of expose

The warming neighbourhood

I overcome the greatest fear

I step outside my comfort zone

I step outside my isolation

Let’s go

Let’s go into exploration


Below artists themselves:

Anita: "I love the challenge of this exciting collaboration project. I was stuck in a rut, not producing anything and down in the dumps about the whole ‘trying to make art’ thing. But this project has reinvigorated me. The meetings, discussions and deadlines have helped me to focus and somehow the creative juices have started running again!"

Graham: "I always enjoy collaborating with others, be they fellow artists, academics, scientists, tradespeople. It opens out the possible creative space and stimulates new ideas and fosters synergy. I learn about and appreciate alternative perspectives and receive invaluable direct and immediate feedback. All great stuff!"

Jane: "The project to me is a tapestry of like-minded, but vastly individual artists coming together to collaborate ideas, to form new inspired art pieces. It personally challenges me to think about creating an art piece that will have meaning and not just be a pretty piece to hang on a wall."

Jodie: "I loved the last meeting; everyone is so welcoming and the talent in the room is amazing. It's nice to feel I have a community to discuss photography/art and our passions. You do a great job as facilitator and ran the session so well and in a timely manner. I think I will be stretched with the project as my style is not to deliver ‘on demand’ but I guess I’m not alone in that."

Kelly: "I enjoy the sense of community and engagement the collaborative project creates. The artist's response allows me to explore a different route of creative thinking. Listening to fellow Artists talk about their work, seeing where their inspiration is drawn from and the way it develops in their own artistic style is just wonderful and inspiring."

Patrycja: "​Engaging in this collaborative project provides me with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share my passion. I believe it supports my artistic growth, helping me uncover fresh creative paths and gaining new insights. Moreover, it gives me a sense of belonging and community."

Iwona: "I thoroughly enjoy working on this project and find it inspiring to collaborate with other artists. Moreover, it's helping me overcome my greatest fear of public speaking and presenting my art. Being a part of this community makes me feel connected and valued. I'm truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you!"

Lyn: "The current project is conducive to not only collaboration with fellow artists but also to promote “a stepping outside your comfort zone”. To enquire of your fellow artists about thought processes, methods, and progress. Artists by nature of the calling work most of the time in isolation and as you move further ways from the academic education you can lose touch with the frisson that exposure to fellow artists in real time. For me personally it is a way to connect with other artists after having relocated from the other side of Australia. To find my new tribe."

Sue M.: "The project has been a warming neighbourhood experience, a time to come together, to meet, share and learn from each other within our local community. It would not have been achieved without the passionate volunteers who have dedicated their time to bring it all together."

Jeana: "​​The project gives me the opportunity and the challenge to create and look beyond the environment I usually work with."

Louise: "I love the challenge of working and collaborating with people who work in mediums to mine, that this project has brought. It is a fascinating process to see the responses and reactions each person has had to another’s work."

Peter Ciemitis: "The Conversations program has been an invaluable and stimulating use of the ‘call and response’ technique in forging creative connections amongst fellow creatives and stimulating artistic responses and explorations outside of the artist’s praxis."

These reflections echo the essence of the project, fostering a sense of community, inspiring creativity, and challenging artists to push the boundaries of their artistic practice.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us on this exciting journey of artistic exploration and community building in 2024!

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