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Celebrating Excellence: ECU Graduates Awarded Inglewood Arts Hub Artist-In-Residence Prize 2024

We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to the outstanding graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art Major at Edith Cowan University: Chenoa Thrupp-Probst, Katrin Helbig, and Susan Hoy. These talented individuals have not only successfully completed their academic journey but have also secured a rare opportunity as the winners of the Inglewood Arts Hub Artist-In-Residence Program for 2024!

Chenoa, Katrin, and Susan have displayed notable artistic abilities, which have led to their deserving recognition for this distinction. Their unique perspectives and creative endeavours during their academic pursuits at ECU have set them apart, capturing the attention of the Inglewood Arts Hub selection committee. We were genuinely impressed by the depth and innovation in their work, making them the perfect candidates for the Artist-In-Residence Program.

This residency is not only a recognition of their talent but also an incredible opportunity for all of us to learn from each other and grow collectively. The Inglewood Arts Hub continues to be a hub of inspiration, fostering an environment where artists can flourish and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art.

The residency offers a unique platform for these graduates to integrate their talents into the Inglewood Arts Hub community. We envision a period filled with collaborative art projects, shared visions, and a collective passion for creativity. This is not just a celebration of individual achievements but a convergence of diverse artistic voices coming together.

The Inglewood Arts Hub Artist-In-Residence Program for 2024 promises to be a transformative experience, and we look forward to witnessing the impact of this dynamic union of creativity.

I had conversations with Chenoa, Katrin, and Susan at the Graduation Show on November 22, 2023. Here's what they shared about their artworks.

Chenoa's about her project: "EmpowerHER"

This triptych of figurative acrylic paintings explores the introspective ideas and ideals about our bodies. Created to challenge ingrained societal misogyny, this series is a celebration. An unapologetic celebration of self. A celebration of the human body. I hope that everyone no matter what age, gender or race can relate to these works.

Instagram: @chenoa_art

Katrin about her project:"Reality? 2023"

Social media constantly bombards us with fake-news, propaganda, conspiracy theories, targeted Al algorithms and corporate agendas. This relentless stream of images and messaging is negatively affecting our mental health. We are all guilty of 'feeding the social media beast' and tainted by the inherent distortions of reality. My aim is to create an interactive, immersive experience - a cross between a 'fun-house' and a 'mad-house' - where the audience can step into a world of distortions to question what 'truth' is today. Instagram: @katrinhelbig

Susan about her project: "No Horizon"

I invite the viewer to immerse themselves in my installation. Ocean or land? Past, present, or future? The layered impressions created on paper from found specimens capture a moment in a brief life and are reminiscent of fossils. Imagine the existing layers beneath us created through deep time, and those yet to come, when species of land and sea will merge and part again, in an immense and continuous shifting.

Instagram: @susanhoyart

Congratulations once again to these talented new members of Inglewood Arts Hub!

Photography: Kamila Waleszkiewicz


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