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Bob Daniel Community Centre

895 Beaufort Street Inglewood

Arts, community and mental wellbeing

After an unfortunate injury at the start of the year, Kelly found support from unexpected opportunities, renewing her love for the arts.

A day in the studio

2023 started with fresh excitement and determination. Then, 8 days into the year, I took a bad fall during an indoor bouldering session. My MRI showed that I had managed to tear multiple ligaments in my knee. Suddenly, the resolution and motivation from the new year faded into anxiety that came with the prospect of hospital visits, surgery and rehab. I knew the road to recovery would be long. I tried my best to remain optimistic and take things day by day.

It was around the same time, Inglewood on Beaufort placed a call out to local artists about a new arts hub launching. I was hesitant to go, but with my knee in a brace and crutch bound, I thought about how there was nothing to lose, and so I hobbled into the first meeting, not knowing what to expect.

Various photos from workshops, social painting sessions, and group gallery shows during my residency.

Since then, 9 months have passed, and I’ve undergone major knee surgery, hours of physio and spent 2 terms as the artist in residence. During my time as AIR, I found myself with various new opportunities, from hosting workshops, and social painting sessions to being part of community art projects. I can’t imagine how different my mental well-being during my recovery could’ve been without the IAH. What could've been an isolating and frustrating experience changed into one that allowed me to focus, connect with others and channel my energy into creative projects.

The Inglewood Arts Hub and the local community have been incredibly welcoming and supportive during this challenging chapter of my life. I am immensely grateful to everyone I have met for sharing this space, our love for the arts, and the support allowing me to grow as an artist.

Exploring Inglewood Community project, creating mini gouache paintings

I believe shared community art spaces are vital to creating a sense of culture and supporting creative endeavours, allowing for creative growth and expression. While we can always do these activities alone, creative group settings add another layer of support and enthusiasm. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 2 terms as the artist in residence. I will continue to support the small team of artists and IOB members who volunteer their time and effort to develop this art community in the heart of Inglewood.


Photo: Jillian Ciemitis


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